Friday, 23 September 2011

HBBC: Hijab removed

a couple of weeks ago i found a new profile picture for a friend of mine on my Facebook homepage
without her Hijab
that girl was one of my role models at a time, i used to look up to her
she is smart, brilliant, talented and has one of the most skillful minds i've ever known
that was shocking for me, because i am a person who cherishes the Idea of hijab
but it got me thinking, why do they do it?
why do i find a new girl removing her hijab like every month?
why do they not only uncover their hair but, in most cases, they go to the extreme
how can some one be covered from head to toe and then the following day be in bikini swim wear!!
were they forced to wearing it , i don't think so
are they bored of it?
is the temptation of showing people their skin so tempting?!

i got a conclusion that can NOT be applied to every one
but i believe a large percentage of them are just having a problem with their self confidence

maybe they think that by showing their body and hair they prove to others that they are beautiful
maybe their self esteem need the assurance of being attractive to the eyes

but i cannot find an excuse
sorry, i've really tried to be "civil"
but seriously i despise the act
it is not a game
although i always say that no girl should wear Hijab unless she is a hundred percent convinced and ready, but once you do it , it's a life time contract , we cannot play with God

i pity those girls really , beaceuse i know they probably have a serious emotional disorder to do this , for no one can taste the beauty and safety of Hijab and then take it off

Thursday, 22 September 2011

الاغتراب , من زمن الإمام الشافعي

ما في المقام لذي عقل و ذي أدب * من راحة فدع الاوطان و اغترب
إني رأيت وقوف الماء يفسده * إن سال طاب و إن لم يجر لم يطب
و الشمس لو استمرت في الفلك * دائمة لملها الناس من عرب و من عجم
و الاسد لولا فراق الغاب ما اقتنصت * و السهم لولا فراق القوس لم يصب
و التبر كالتراب ملقى في اماكنه * و العود في ارضه نوع من الحطب
فإن تغرب هذا عز مطلبه * و إن تغرب ذاك عز كالذهب

Friday, 9 September 2011

تحية لآل البيت

هذه التحية للسيدة زينب رضي الله عنها من الشيخ المرحوم الصاوي شعلان رضي الله عنه

أشقيقة السبطين حيا الله صاحبة المقام

يا نفحة الزهراء يا أخت الإمام ابن الإمام

هذا الرحاب بساطه ظل من البيت الحرام

أوديعة الهادي بمصر لنا بحبكم اعتصام

ومن الملائك موكب معنا يؤدون السلام

لم لا ونور المصطفى لما أقمت هنا أقام

في شهر معراج النبي المرتجى يوم الزحام

بادرتِ هذا الشهر معراجا إلى دار السلام

Monday, 5 September 2011

Nala, The solitary reaper

a strange combination of character, a scattered mind, yet a straight soul
she knows she doesn't belong here
she knows there is no home for her
she is a stranger, was and will always be a stranger
always the odd one out
the geek among the empty heads
the empty headed among the geeks
the conservative among the liberals
and the liberal among the conservatives

there is no home for her, no place where she belongs
no one to relate to
no one to trust or love
no one is close enough
no one is important enough
and not a single person knows her
not a single person can see
but maybe, just maybe she opens at the close

but so far, in her eternal search for home, she only finds comfort in her solitude.