Wednesday, 5 October 2011


the shocking moment when you realize you're not the special person you thought you were
when it finally hits you " you are NORMAL", maybe even less than normal; you are not talented, not smart, not pretty, not thoughtful and not even as kind or friendly or hardworking as you think.
you suddenly realize the scary fact that you most probably will end up leading a NORMAL life
you will not change the world , you will not gain a Nobel prize, you are just you

this is when reality hits, and gravity takes you down the hard way
and at that time you start remembering your castles in the air and think " oh my God, was i blind or what!"

hopefully, it's just a phase

Monday, 3 October 2011

Rage, Love and Zombies

what drives the human motor is either love ( to someone, something material or something immaterial) or else it's anger ( of yourself , of some one, of something)
this keeps us motivated, it's like a fuel that keep pushing us; either forward or backwards,

some people might say that anger will pull you backwards while love will push you forward, well not true, not always anyway.

but the real problem is when you run low on both types of fuel ( love and anger)
this is when you start slowing down and loosing the power that kept you moving.

it's at that time that you start feeling like a zombie;
you're not the living you
and there is no reason for you to die
so you live like a zombie, half alive half dead, motivation lost , anger fading away, and no more hopes or dreams can find their way into your brain on heart anymore, simply because you have no energy to keep dreaming and no motivation to keep you hoping.