Saturday, 7 April 2012

Diaries of an ASMUNer

oh God why?
why is this happening
i didn't get enough
i don't feel ready
why is it morning so fast
is it really 8 am
i know i already slept at 5 , but still , these were NOT 3 hours

fine fine stop ringing, i know it's 8:15 i'm up
oh God, now Im late too, better start my routine,so jump from bed run to bathroom, run back to room for i forgot my slippers, stumble at the stupid carpet, wash face, wash teeth, look at the mirror, OH GOD, a ghost !! , oh no this is sleep deprived me. hurry up no time to pity your self
rush to room, grab the jeans that doesn't match your sweatshirt which wont match your veil and they all most probably don't match your white running shoes, RUNNING SHOES? you are a 20, almost 21 year old young lady is it not time for something elegant?, don't you know me AT ALL !!, running shoes are comfy and i love them.
okay now don't forget your laptop, it's charger, your notebook, you flash cards, your marker, the charts ... the million other things on your desk
now run it's 8 45
okay now it's time to find a taxi, that early on a Friday morning !! , good luck with that.
good for you, you ARE lucky , now you're on your way, better revise your presentation, the last thing you want is to screw it up and forget what you've been preparing till 5 am, OH GOD, do i have my flash memory?? open the backpack, grab the pencil case dig in , dig some more, ohhh THANK GOD.
well who am i kidding , i can't revise now, my brain is hardly functioning
i reach the gates, yes miss where are you going?, says the sleepy security guard, with curiosity in his eyes, probably wondering what i'm doing in university on a Friday morning, is that him wondering or you wondering ?!, well no time for wondering it's already 9:20
i walk to the building and start the terrifying journey up the stairs, i reach the third floor, already breathless, i pull my legs up a couple of stairs more and it happens, the spell hits me, i can hear it, Never-land :D, i hear the voiced the yelling, the laughter, i climb some more, fourth floor, i can identify the voices now, and best of all i can feel the energy, the spirit, the magic.
i catch my breath at the top of the stairs and look up, i stand a moment to admire the view, a true beehive, full of exhausted, excited bees, working with full energy, mystical energy no one can explain where it came from.
i take a deep breath and hop in, i join the squadron of energetic birds, i meet the team, i greet the delegates, i inform the high-board that i'm here, and i start preparing the room with my lovely coordinator and then just as the clock hist 10, i pause, i pause and look around, and smile for at that moment i know i belong :D

ASMUN, you are the story of my life:)