Tuesday, 14 June 2011

links that make you a more intelligent person

I) Books
. www. Whichbook.net
enables millions of combinations of factors and then suggests books which most closely match your needs. Click to open and move the slider bars to set your choices.

. E-books
1- project gutenberg
2- manybooks.net
3- barleby.com

II) non- lecture videos:
1- hulu news & information channel ( last days of WWII)
2- PBS videos " American experience"
3- moviefoundonline.com

III) Scholarly Jurnals:
1- Directory of access journals
2- Google scholar

IV) video and/or audio lectures:
1- Ted
2- academic earth ( philosophy of death by shelly kagan)
3- Forum network
4- itune u ( introduction to ancient greek History by yale proffesor Donald Kagan)

V) Intellectual reading:
1- The browser ( America wakes up to the shift in globel power from times online)
2- Long reads

VI) tools to help you keep it all organized : (PERFECT )
1- Instapaper
2- evernote

and thubs up for Google documents , watch documentary , good reads , stumble upon

and if u r in search of usless crap : FML , cyanide and happiness , and MLIA

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