Saturday, 14 January 2012

HBBC [14] "Guilty Pleasures"

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note: i like writing from a personal point of view

sit in front of a pool, see that child? yes this tiny one , the one holding so tight to the side of the pool, do you see the lust in her eyes for that ball game in the middle of the pool, do you see the debate inside her head and the adrenalin in her veins
if you do see her, if you do understand her situation you might get closer to understanding my situation.
the pool is my pool of pleasures , the side of the pool is where i am, and the guilt is the debate in the head and the adrenaline in the veins, it is so frustrating and exhausting to over think everything you do, to be too afraid of guilt, too afraid of wrong doing that you end up giving your back to pleasure

I'm not a coward, or at least I don't think I am
but i hate guilt
but the temptation kills me, dares me to let go of the idealistic me, and risk doing the wrong
some times temptations win, other times idealism oppress, and the debate goes on..

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