Saturday, 12 March 2011

words i never got to tell you

it's been too long since i last saw you or hugged you or laughed with u on the stupidest jokes
and yet , that's my first time to write about you, because when it comes to writing it hurts too much to know that you'll never write again , maybe you never knew, although i often told you, YOU ARE MY FAVORIT WRITER, i miss your notes , your tags, your passion about guitar , whenever i hear jazz, whenever i see a saxophone , i remeber you , certain roads we rode through together, coffee houses or restaurants where we often went out . i still can hear you and see you there, every time i pass by, every time i buy a coke , every time i read a note
it always amazed me how much talent you had , how inspiring your simplest words were , how far your imagination went . I always thought you'll grow up to be the best novelist in the world
i used to envy you for your fertile imagination, it amazed me how you were always smiling , and how you manage to draw a wide smile on every face in the room just by being there

I believe soo much in God , i know he has his reason, and i know it's a sin to disagree, however , MY world lost alot when you left
the ammount of talent, sweetness and beauty in the whole world was dangerously reduced by ur departure

I never got to tell you how much i love
I never thought about telling you how much you meant to me
It kills me that i didn't phone you alot
It tortures me that i cannot remeber when i last saw you, what you last told me
I never got to see your last smile , i never got to hug you one last time
but be sure that where ever you are, in my heart you'll always be my favorit NINA

to my dear friend NINA , you are sincerely loved and seriously missed

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