Sunday, 21 August 2011

family comes first

it's so strange what i feel now
we were never so close
never a normal family
we cannot be called brothers and sisters
we cannot be called friends
we rarely see each other
we hardly talk
maybe we don't even think about each other

but the weird thing is how i feel when we DO meet, when we DO talk , wen we DO give some attention to the presence of each other
this is when that strange feeling attacks me, a feeling of belonging, YES we belong together, yes and despite everything we are a perfect match, we fully understand each other even though we do not talk much or know each other well, it's a true feeling of belonging, it's love in its purest form, it is safety, security and a strange sensation of happiness

i hope we become closer because as we get older we will sure regret how far we are from each other for no matter how popular you are or how many friends you have, nothing and no one can give you the feeling of being surrounded by your family

i hope we learn the true meaning of "family comes first "
and i only hope we do not have to learn it the hard way


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