Sunday, 21 August 2011


i had so much fun at Istanbul, it was an amazing trip, made a lot of new friends and gained a lot of experience , it was my first time to travel abroad and my first time to travel alone without my family , bu i really loved it and turkey is a beautiful place to go, jut brilliant
However the sad thing was that i thought i was to see the capital of the Islamic rule
it was so disappointing to see how the people of this country forgot all about their origins howw religion is an accessory to their lives,how alcohol is a normal thing every night, how people are dressed, how the relation ships are and how fasting during ramadan is something weird in an ISLAMIC country !!
that was really sad

with the way things are turkey is running fast towards being a major power, but i just hope it it also improves from the religious aspect as well as the political.

i believe most people there are stuck in a trap and lost in principles; the can no longer connect to their Islamic roots and yet they are no fully European and they are not satisfied with that either
i thing it's a hard thing not knowing what your identity is and not settling on a group to join

God bless turkey and guide it to the right path

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  1. I totally agree :) you know the company I work in is Turkish and many people there are Muslims, but only the manager prays and fasts. It's so sad, though they are beautiful people!

    Glad to know you had fun babe =)