Friday, 19 August 2011

fruitful discussion

"the precious qualities of humanity has been turned off"

this was the best sentence to describe all what we wanted to say, we talked about bad people and good people but the best argument was about those in the grey area, those who start good and end up bad, do they still have the light in their hearts or is all the innocence in them gone?, are they aware that they're turning into bad people or is it the usual belief that I AM RIGHT and everyone else is wrong?, is it possible for the grey people to go back to the white area or is the black dust too hard to take off

and above all
is it possible for the precious qualities of humanity to be turned on again?

i like to believe that it's possible, hard, but yet possible, because as I have written a while ago i believe people do not change, they only develop and grow with accumulated experiences, good and bad experiences.
maybe one bad experience can pull someone from white to grey or even pitch black, while it takes a million good experiences and good deeds to clean the mess done by that one bad experience, but still the outcome is priceless
whenever you meet someone grey think that if you do him/her something good it might be the inch they need to reconnect with the good in them

there is nothing more satisfying than changing the life of a fellow human being, it gives YOU positive energy and maybe makes even more happy than the person you helped

but the scary thing is, will the day come when I turn grey
i hope not, and i shall do my best to hod tight to the light and the white, and i believe the best road to that is volunteer work
when you see how others are less privileged than yourself, this is how you keep your hart tender and your mind alert, this is the best way to understand how your your problems are minimum in comparison to other peoples problems, and this is like a safety belt to keep you away from the grey and the black

in the memory of a beautiful night and a very fruitful conversation :)

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