Monday, 30 May 2011

colour illusion

well first of all this post indicates that i suffer from a serious mental illness , it's just a thought that has been haunting me for a couple of days i have to let it out.

ok so here is the thought
what if we see colours differently , what if what i see blue ohter people see red
what if the wavelength of these rays of light and colour affect how these colours are tranlated in our brains
for example i see blue as BLUE what if another person sees what i see blue as BLUE
but i was taught that this colour is named blue , while that other person was taught that this colour means blue this way we can both be looking at the same colour each of us seeing it differently but at the same time we call it the same name
it's impossible to see through other people's eyes , so we can not put such a thought out of question

well , after reading this again i came to the conclusion that i am messed up real bad

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  1. You're not. I kind of read this metaphorically..Like..
    Say "Democracy"
    Two persons
    And a concept

    We all know that democracy means we carry our own concepts, points of views..bla bla..
    But each one's concept INSIDE this meaning is different.
    Therefore, we all see democracy, but one's own democracy color is not the other's.

    Now I'm more messed up =D