Thursday, 19 May 2011

MY FIRST RESOLUTION , the eve before my 20th birthday

1- I will pray more
2- I will read quor'an every day
3- i will take better care of my teeth
4- I will read at least two books a month
5- I will buy my self at least one puzzle a month
6- i will learn a new thing every week
7- i will be less selfish and more helpfull
8- i will exercise more
9- I will write at least once a week
10- I will do more voluntere work
11- i will lie less
12- I will smile more , like the ancient me.

may not all my dreams come true , for what a mess i will be living in if i had everything i wish for
may only the good dreams come true , and may my castles in the air have a safe land on the ground, may my heart never grow old, proud or weak .

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