Tuesday, 24 May 2011

my wizard

since my early childhood i always go for signs metaphores and wise talkings, and i think such things affected my personaloty so much and helped me shape my self a good deal.
one of these things was the Harry Potter series of books
the first book started when Harry was 11 , so was i when I first read it
and since then , every year in the cairo book faire, just a couple of months before my birthday , i go buy the new book of harry potter , he grows a year older , as do i
till i was 17 , that's when it all ended by the last page of the last book.

" you should have died , died rather than betray you friends, just as we would've done for you"
this is a quotation from the 3rd book ' prisoner of azkaban" it became my life motto for a very long time , and still is along with others

courage, strength, bending rules, having fun, loyalty , the eternal fight of good agains evil, honesty, love and frienship were things that harry potter carved in me year after year , page after page, book after book , he became my friend , his friends became my society and his dreams affected my dreams, i sure learned alot from the little little wizard friend of mine

thank you J.K. Rowling.

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