Thursday, 26 May 2011

people do not change

i believe that people do not change, they develop.
when a seed becomes a plant , it isn't due to change , it's due to growth and development
it's the same thing with humans, one cannot change. habbits may change, appearance, way of thinking,.. etc
however it is all due to the accumulation of experiences , for example, when some one is too romantic , then after a year, you meet him and he becomes so indifferent , did he change?!
no he didn't , maybe he got hurt and descided to think and feel things in a calmer way , but then he found that calm was not good enough so in another year he descided to be insenstive or cold.
he did not change he developed due to a life experience , this development or what people call change would've never happened if it wasn't for this accumulation of life experiences.

another example is people who became more selfish due to examples of selfish people who succeed and selfless people who end up miserable
and so on with examples that never end
simpy it's the jurney of life , DEVELOPMENT AND GROWTH
affects every creature in this world , plant, animal and indeed humans

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